Isn't She Lovely!?

We have the best clients in the WORLD!! A few months ago we posted about Eiryn and Vince, they were amazing to work with and we finally delivered their beautiful invitations a few weeks back. It was all great, especially when we delivered her 200 vineyard themed invitations packed neatly in wine crates!! (see invitation above) Her face just lit up! She even cried!

Anyway, a few days later we received a call from Eiryn asking if we could make a change to one of the inserts in her invitations to correct a spelling of a name. Without any hesitation we got right to work on the Bridal Entourage insert and corrected the spelling, reprinted, and delivered them to her. Last week we received the sweetest email ever.....

" Thank You so much for the revised cards! You were very prompt with your delivery. You made a potential stressful episode seem easy. I appreciate your hard work, and I am very proud that our invitations represent Vince and I. I love my invitations...Truly....Madly....Deeply, and all the little thoughtful extras that you included!

I will definitely drop your name to whom ever needs your services.

I hope to hear good things about you and the business in the future....Also hope to see you soon!

Thank You very much,
Eiryn and Vince"

Another reason why our clients ROCK!

Photo taken by: Footstone Photography