And the Winner is.....


After all the great submissions for our first contest, Alicia who is an Associate Marketing Manager with MOO picked Kari as the winner!!!! She says " I chose it because it was the most creative and interesting and not something we've really seen any of our customers do before. "

We couldn't agree more, Kari did a great job describing how she would use her MOO products in a creative way.....

My latest obsession has been placecards, and the MOO cards would make absolutely perfect ones!!

So here's my idea...

I'm having a relatively small wedding, and almost all of the guests are going to be family. So it would be really cool to get pictures of all of my guests, and even better, if it's a married couple, a picture from their wedding. And then I would make all of the images black and white, and put them on the MOO cards. Then, I would paint a pink artsy table number on each of the MOO cards. To top off the placecards, it would be really neat to attach a clip to the back of each card and have them all clipped to a piece of thick black satin ribbon and hung from a wall. It would be really chic and abstract, and when the guests arrive, they just look for their photos... no names necessary! :O)

Congratulations to Kari, and thank you to all the really great submissions we received!!!

Also, a VERY special thanks to Alicia and the guys over at MOO for this giveaway!!