In the Works : Arielle and Stephan

"We picked the meat, now what cheese do we want?" - That is the question Stephan asked Arielle at our initial consultation, referring to a previous comment I made comparing our many selections to Subway. We met Stephan and Arielle at the Bridal Expo, they were so great and so enthusiastic! Their sense of humor made every selection a blast.

Their wedding will be in a secret location in Germany in Stephan's hometown! I know, how romantic! The location is amazing! It's breathtaking, and their guest are in for a great treat. The activities leading up to the event are full of German traditions that their guests are sure to never forget.

The invitation that we are working on is a rich detail driven design full of charm. The final design will mimic the style of the room where the reception will take place, and it will be printed in English and German! This couple has to be one of our favorites to date! They were so much fun and it was a pleasure hearing their suggestions for their {unique} invitations! We can't wait to show you the final sub! Stay tuned.