Sick Day

We have called in to work. No work today, sorry! I feel like poo poo.  We promise some great blog posts later in the week and some big big news.  

Due to our head being clogged up there is no way we can pick a winner for the MOO contest, so we are extending the contest until tomorrow. One more day to enter to win a free MOO printed product. If you haven't entered, you still have a chance!

See you all tomorrow!!!
- Giovanni 


KB said...

I am so sorry you feel like "poo poo"! I do hope that you get well SOON!!!!! The work you did on our labels and sign for our new little "kake kreations" was genius!! You are the best!!!!!! Thanks and feel better!

KB said...

I am so sorry that you feel like "poo poo"! I hope that you will be well soon!!! Thank you again for all the incredible work you did in creating the great label and signage for KB's new little {kake kreations}! You are the best!!!!! Feel better!

Unique Designs said...

Thank You! I have some great pictures to post later in the week of the custom labels!!

Amanda B. Young said...

I completely relate -- yesterday I could barely move I was so overcome with pain. Thankfully for me it was some kind of 24-hour flu bug or something.

I hope you feel better just as quickly!