Heel or No Heel?

The question that so many women ask themselves on a daily basis; "should I wear heels today?". 

For Victoria Beckham, there is no question here, it's always heel day! Or is it? During her recent Signature fragrance launch at Macy’s Herald Square in New York City, for the first time in maybe forever every, she went heel-less! Not like you may be thinking though...

The 5 1/2in Antonio Berardi boots had no heel  -  just the thing to attract passersby and entice them in for the launch of her new perfume at Macy's department store at the weekend.

The English-Italian designer Berardi is an old friend of the Beckhams and made their post-ceremony outfits for their wedding nine years ago.

He started the heel-less shoe trend in the summer with a £1,800 sandal bought by Mrs Beckham, Uma Thurman and Gwyneth Paltrow.

These new boots are made to order with a price tag of £3,300, and have already sold 60 pairs.

This is a trend that seems to be coming around. I personally LOVE IT! I'm sure it's not that comfortable but ladies, beauty is pain. 

Manolo Blahnik's new heel-less sandals

Got three grand to spare? Then you can buy yourself Manolo Blahnik's latest shoe invention, the heel-less 'Arunium' shoe with its United Nude style bouncy, empty wedge. It's his alternative to the clunky platforms that are around at the moment (which the Maestro despises). The metal stud decoration on the shoes was inspired by Medieval churches, and they're yours for £3, 145 if you can find them).

It just keeps coming...

So...Heel or No Heel?