In the works: Eiryn and Vince

This is the first in a series of posts that we like to call "In the Works". These posts will be about projects that we are currently working on and will give a behind the scenes look at the creative process. Right now we're working on invitations for one of the most interesting couples we have met in a while. The true love and playfulness shared between Eiryn and Vince really made designing this invitation a pleasure.

We first met the couple last month at our first consultation. The bride-to-be was very detail driven and very specific in what she wanted. Vince on the other hand was a tall ball of fun, very funny and playful with his fiance'. After meeting with them we traveled to her office to view some of the work in progress for their wedding. We were in heaven! Color swatches, bridal books, magazine cut outs, fabric swatches, linens, tablescapes, it was a Martha Stewart workshop! The best part was her enthusiasm in planning this unforgettable event. Her goal for this wedding was to create a lavish romance filled evening for them and their guests. The recurring theme was grapes and wine. The style of this wedding evoked a feeling of an ultra- luxurious Tuscany themed wedding. It was dark and sexy with a mature sophistication.

After choosing the colors, papers, pockets and embellishments, conversation turned to the wording. A traditional catholic wedding that had to represent her Filipino heritage as well. The challenge was how to make a modern invitation that honored both the culture and religion, not seem overwhelming? Well, we designed a double layered pocket fold invitation with 3 attachments. In the pocket was a bridal entourage card, lodging and reception card and an RSVP card with a printed envelope. The end result was a stunning design that exemplified the style and sophistication of this wedding. A masterpiece, if we do say so ourselves!

We are currently working on Eiryn and Vince's invitations and we will post some pictures of the work in progress and final creation shortly! Check back soon.


Melissa DiStefano said...

Great Blog! How fun to click on yoru blog and see my clients names! Eiryn is amazing!

Thanks for taking good care of them!