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Unique Designs' website is moving servers as we prepare for bigger and better things. Please be patient with us through this downtime. You can always reach us at 352-376-0598 or at

We will keep you updated through this blog!!

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We're not Lost!

by: Danny Johnson

Yeah, I know. It's been a while but we didn't get lost. I hope to show you some of our awesome designs in the near future because we have had more clients than we know what to do with! We will not be posting too many times between now and June. I can't give away details just yet but good things are happening! Keep checking back for the 'changes'.

I can use that!?!

by danny
I LOVE boring invitations! Can you feel the sarcasm?
Who wants a boring invitation? When considering the design of an invitation for your event, try to think outside of the 'paper' box. You can use just about anything to create an amazing invitation. Take a look at this silver leather-feel paper. about giving it a nice soft feel by adding some silk fabric. It could peak out from under your first layer just slightly to give a little silk ruffle.

And a super girly favoite of mine...LACE!

What would you add?

Etiquette: What You Should Know About Save the Dates.

Save the Dates: An important part of starting your wedding planing. It's becoming increasing more popular to send Save the Dates. Not everyone does it, but most people do. But where do you start? How far in advance do you send them? Does everyone get one? It's a lot to think about! Well, perhaps this will help with some of those questions.  With a little help from The, the following Q&A on Save the Date Etiquette will answer some of those questions.

Q. Do we have to send a save-the-date? 
A: Of course, you don't have to send one if you don't want, but it will give guests the heads-up about your wedding plans. Between travel arrangements and busy schedules, sending a save-the-date will increase guests' chances of attending your celebration. And that's the goal, right? 

Q. When do you send them? 
A: As a general rule, it's best to start spreading the news at around six months prior to the ceremony (eight months for a faraway destination). This gives guests plenty of time to book their travel, save a bit of cash, and ask for days off from work. Any earlier, and they may toss the notice aside. Any later, and it might as well be an invitation.

Q. Do we have to send save-the-dates to everyone? 
A: Just to the people that you want to come to your wedding. Even if you have already received confirmations from certain guests, you still need to send them a save-the-date (bridesmaids, siblings, and parents). But remember: Only send to those that you definitely want to attend. Once these are in the mail, there's really no turning back.

Q. Do we need to add “and guest,” or can that wait for the invitations? 
A: It's best to be clear about who is invited to the wedding, even this far in advance. By including the actual names of every intended guest on the envelope, you are less likely to have any assumed invitees (like your third cousin's new boyfriend), or general confusion (is your seven-year-old niece invited?). Being upfront about who is invited also gives families with uninvited kids ample time to plan for child care, and out-of-towners time to figure out hotel room shares. 

Q. What if we send save-the-dates and then change the date or location? 
This scenario is very unlikely, since no couple should send out formal wedding information before setting the plans in stone—but stranger things have happened. In the event of an unexpected change of plans, your best bet is to update your wedding website, pick up the phone, and start spreading the word. You do have the option of sending out another mailing that explains the dilemma—but a personal, verbal notice is the best way to avoid confusion. (If your guest list is a bit overwhelming, enlist the help of your bridal party.)

Let's Recap!

Tuesday was Let's Eat Cake! And we did eat a lot of cake. I'm still on a sugar high! It was such fun! Melissa and her gang did an amazing job!
Here's a recap!

Behold...the yumminess of Let's Eat Cake! This isn't all the cakes, but I can assure you that all of the cakes there were pretty fab!


Here are some of the silent auction cakes!
Giovanni wanted the Ice Cream Cone cake, but sadly he was out bid. By a little girl. He's only slightly bitter.

And we got to meet Kerry Vincent! And Giovanni and I got to hug her! 
I think that made up for losing the cake (somewhat...)

So cool! 

So there ya have it! I can't even believe it's over! All of the hard work paid off! Plus we got to eat tons of cake for a good cause!  It just doesn't get much better than that!
Thanks Melissa, for letting us be a part of all the fun!

Close to our Hearts!

Check out Jennifer and TJ's engagement photos! These guys are more than just clients...they're like family to us! We've known Jennifer forever! But seriously...How cute is this picture?! Awwww!

Check out all their photos, taken by Gwendolyn Tundermann! So cute! Not that we're bias! Okay, maybe a little!


Last night was Let's Eat Cake, the awesome fundraiser hosted by Melissa DiStefano of Masterpiece Weddings for the St. Jude Children's Hospital! And let me just say, I don't think I have ever in my life eaten that much cake in one night. EVER! I seriously thought I was going to go into a sugar coma. But then I saw another cake, and forgot all about that. Funny how that works. But not only were these cakes super yummy, they were also incredible to look at! I mean crazy good! It was a great night. And the best part is that it was all for a great cause! How sweet is that! 

Congratulations to Melissa on an amazing event! 

A Special Greeting!

Today is a very special day... It is the birthday of a very important part of our lil Unique Designs family. Our Danny is a year older today!!!! 

Happy Birthday Danny! 
We hope it's the best birthday ever! 
Luv ya!
Kenya & Giovanni

Got Invitations?!? you have invitations?


You know what I've noticed? For an invitation blog, we sure do not post much about invitations! I promise we actually do work. I wanted to take a minute to show a little something that we can do. Here's a design from Envelopments that was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings. If you've dropped by our office recently you've already seen it on display at the 'make it a complete mess and we'll clean it up table'.


And if you like it but are not sure if it's for you, we can 'tweek' it (and make it better but you didn't hear it from me..he he).

Is That Frosting I Smell....

Oh yes, that is the sweet smell of Lets Eat Cake! It really is so close you could almost taste it! NEXT TUESDAY! Please try and contain your excitement! Oh what the hay! Feel free to jump up and down like a school girl! LOL

But don't think that just because it's next week you have no more time to donate! Don't be silly, there is still plenty of time! Simply got to the Let's Eat Cake website and click the donate here button! If you haven't purchased your ticket yet, head on over to Masterpiece Weddings or Solutions Bridal and get one!

Ok, Maybe we're braggin' just a little...

We can't help it!  As we said before, we have some of the hottest clients out there! And to further prove it, we'd like to introduce Tracey and Matt! 

Tracey and Matt had their engagement photos taken by the lovely and uber-talented Lindsey (Pure By Lindsey)! They are so cute and truly one of the sweetest couples you will ever meet! How did we get so lucky to have such adorable people as clients?!  

A lil Inspiration

I was checking out inspiration boards on Style Me Pretty and I came across this beauty! I'm a sucker for that old hollywood glam look and to me this falls in that category!

I absolutly love how the bride's hair and the silhouette on  the cameo match. That's pretty neat. (Yes, I said neat, that word is making a comeback!)
I also love the flowers on the cake, it's that old-school glam with an updated modern twist. 
Very chic!

You like us...You really like us!

How cool is this! Unique Designs has been chosen to receive the 2009 Bride's Choice Award given by Wedding Wire

All we can say is, Thank You! It's an absolute honor to be given this award and to get to work with all the awesome customers we've been blessed to come in contact with!

Thanks again for all the support!

2009 Spring Make Up Trends

Come on! Catch up!
by: danny

I know it’s barely February but the makeup trends for Spring ’09 are starting to appear. It seems the trickle down from New York runways are tossing out the heavy eyebrows and bright red lips. Put away your simple looks. Spring is preparing for larger than life lashes, flawless complexions and the soft, smokey eye.

As hard as it may be, put your intense liquid liner back in the drawer. Eye makeup for this

Spring is all about definition and a soft touch of fantasy. Christian Dior, Jill Stuart and NARS

are all releasing softer, pastel collections for the eyes. Start looking around and you’ll see that nearly every makeup line, including Vincent Longo seen here, has been promoting violet

eyeliner to create a soft, smokey eye that compliments every skin tone.

Completing the softer eye is a pair of false lashes. Shown on almost every runway at New York Fashion week, properly applies false eyelashes add an ethereal sense of fantasy to the makeup trend this spring.
For the brows, you should give it a soft and more natural look. Try letting them grow and only trimming the unruly hairs, allowing the rest to naturally sweep toward the temple.


Spring Trends, 2009

The fashion trends for Spring 2009 are being unveiled! It's exciting, I know!  And they are fierce!

Check out's Editor's Pick for Top Wedding Dress trends in 09!

Here are a few of my personal favorites! I love wedding dresses! From the most extravagant to the simple and sleek! Wedding dresses are fun!

So Beautiful! Stay tuned, more on the Spring 09 Wedding trends to come!

We're not braggin'...But it's kinda true!

We have some of the hottest clients in the world! Don't believe us? See for yourself!

Perfect example! Kari (Kee to Your heart) and her fiance Andrew just had their engagement photos done by the super talented Kara Pennington and let me just tell ya...they look AMAZING!

Thanks for sharing this sneak peek of your photos! Can't wait to see more!

OMG!!!!!! Best thing EVER!

For those of you who don't know, my Birthday was on January 27th.  And let me just tell ya...It was awesome! The best birthday on a "Tuesday" ever! Not only did I spend it with the greatest friends in the world but, I also received the following fabulousness!!!

Yes, that is my birthday cake! Kristy, of Posh Pastry, made this beautiful and equally yummy cake! Oh, yes...I am a lucky girl! My very own, pink and black "fabulosity in cake form". 
Best thing EVER!

{As you can see, this was a total surprise! Not my best photographic moment, lol!}

Thank sooo sooo sooo (Did I mention sooo) much for for the amazing cake. You have no idea how happy you made me!!! I'm still smiling from ear to ear just thinking about seeing it for the first time! Love at first sight! 

You rock, Kristy!

I also want to say thank you to Kari, Giovanni, and Danny! You guys are the best friends a girl could ever wish for! You all made my birthday so special! 
I Heart You!!!

Get Decked Out!!!

If you love paper, you're simply going to LOVE this....

Now, you can get your very own mini-deck full of papers exclusively from Envelopments. It's small but mighty, holding 200 paper samples! (Yep, you heard me right!) Metallic, Textured, Matte, and Printed papers! The ENTIRE COLLECTION in the palm of your hands! Oh, it gets better. Buy this mini deck for only $20 bucks and you get $20 bucks off you next order with Unique Designs! Seriously! How cool is that?! Head over to the Envelopments website and get one! Go on...You know you want to!

Feelin' Blue...

Oh...Not that kind of blue! We're inspired by blue today...Tiffany Blue to exact! Check out our inspiration board in honor of our favorite little blue box!

Images from Google Images

Brides Wars Showcase

Check out our pictures for the showcase we did last weekend at the Royal Park Theater for the premier of Bride Wars! It was awesome, and we had so much fun!!! 

I decided to join the war!!!! I'm a little underdressed though!

This lovely cake was designed by KB's Kake Kreations! It's modeled after the one in the movie! Everyone loved it! And why wouldn't they, it's beautiful!!!!

Prange's Florist provided us with this gorgeous floral arrangement and my bouquet!!! 

I have to say, this was great! It was a wonderful way of showing off what we can do and make new connections! A special thanks to KB's Kake Kreations for the awesome display cake, Prange's florist for the flowers and Avie for the table linens! You guys are the best!

It's the thought that counts?

Finding the right wedding gift can sometimes be difficult. Lets face it, some people are just hard to shop for. I should should know, I'm one of those people! LOL 

Since one of my best friends is getting married soon, I've been on the a lot lately and I came across an article where couples listed the worst gifts ever. I've listed the best of the worst.


Warning: What you are about to read is not for the faint of heart...It's scary.

"A 3-D painting of horses" (You can never have too many of those...)

"A hand-painted lucky horseshoe"  (At least it's lucky...)

"A picture of a wine cork" (I think I would rather have the wine...)

A bottle of vinegar vegetables" (*Blank Stare*)

"A mop" (Seriously???)

"Febreze air freshener" (I assume it goes with the mop.)

"Gift card that was empty" (WOW!)

"An IOU"  

"A Bill Clinton pot holder" 

"A regifted tray (with the original card to the regifter included with the present)" (That is special!)

So the moral of the story is...think before you gift. LOL Don't end up on this list!

Photo from

If I were your wedding, I'd sleep with one eye open...

I just saw Bride Wars! And I must say...It was a lot better than I expected!!! I would totally buy it when it comes out on DVD! The things that happened between Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) in the movie were HILARIOUS! I'm not even sure some of it is legal, lol!

{Look, they're Gator colored! Orange & Blue!}

I left the theater with thinking, 1.) I can't wait to have a wedding of my own someday and 2.) I'm so glad my best friend is a guy, lol!

If you haven't seen it yet, you should grab your best friend and check it out!

It has been Kenya Approved, lol!

I think...I'm in love!!!!

OMG! I had to share this with you guys b/c I!...this cake! It's almost as if it was made for me!

For those of you who don't know, the fabulosity in cake form that you see before you was made by Kristy from Posh Pastry. I had seen a picture of it on her blog before, but seeing it in person...I can't even tell you! My heart skipped a beat! LOL

Giovanni and Danny, they laughed at me! LOL But I had to take a picture with "My" cake!

Don't we look perfect for each other?!

Ok, I will stop gushing over my cake now! :-)

Thank you Kristy, for taking the picture and for making such a awesome cake! I heart you!

PS: Kristy...My Birthday is 01/27...just throwing that out there!

So that is what Fergalicious looks like....

I'm sure you've all heard that Fergie and Josh Duhamel were married this weekend. While most people are dying to see the wedding dress, his tux and the location, us Unique Designers were dying to see the invitation!!! (DUH! Would you expect anything less?!?! LOL)

So, with out further ado...

It's a lot more simple than I would have expected! What do you think of this fergialicious wedding invitation and program?

pictures via Radar Online

Bride Wars - Winners

Congratulations to Kristy of Posh Pastries & Kristin from Masterpiece Weddings, winners of a pair of tickets to see Bride Wars staring Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway!

We're so happy for you! We hope you both enjoy the movie!!!!

Congrats again, from your friends, Unique Designs!


Happy Friday!!

Big News! Unique Designs was invited to set up a display at Royal Park this weekend for the premiere of Bride Wars! Make sure to come by, see some new invitation designs, see the movie, and just say HI!!

Check Fandango for show times and to purchase tickets. OR If you would like FREE tickets enter our contest here! Winners will be announced TODAY at 3:00PM

Can't wait to see you there!