We have redesigned the blog, renamed it, and reignited the fire!! Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce "Love Unique: A Fabulous Little Blog". It is a goal of ours to communicate with a large audience in what we do and what inspires us. It's our "Hollywood Approach", Gainesville is not big enough for us, so we take to the web! We are bold and have tons to say, unfortunately {at this time} we do not have paparazzi following us and reporting any news. So what do we do? We do it ourselves! This blog is our chance to show the world a little part of us, our imagination, our thoughts and most important our love for what we do.

We really enjoy the art of conversation, and this blog allows us to converse openly. Actually, we encourage conversation, comments, questions, ideas, feedback, thoughts, opinions, likes, dislikes, pretty much anything! Let's talk!

The Name:
A letter is a form of written communication that has been replaced by the fascination with immediate gratification, I mean honestly, why write when you can type and hit "send"? The name is a homage to how a formal letter would be signed to a dear friend or a loved one. It is a stamp of a dedication made to another person. The word love is described as a profoundly tender, passionate affection and is a perfect symbolism for what this blog will be about. As cheesy as it sounds we love invitations, paper and heck even tape! We have bold ideas and challenge ourselves with each order to out-do the previous. We honestly love to do what we do, it's not just a passion anymore, it's a mission. Our mission: To show the world what we can do! We are aimed at Gainesville right now and want to inject uniqueness into the bland "catalog" choices out there.

The Slogan:
By "little" we mean BIG! What we wish is to eventually update the blog daily with info on what we are doing, what we have planned, what websites we love at the moment, inspiration ideas and any fabulous little thing that gets our attention!

The Features:
You can click on our logo on the right side of the page to visit the Unique Designs homepage or navigate through the top tabs. On the right you can see a list of our favorite websites and friends. As a new addition we have added a list of our fave blogs with a small preview of the newest posts on each blog. Just click on any blog name and go straight to that blog. Check them out, you will see why we love them!

So, by the authority vested in us by the many thrilled and happy customers in the town of Gainesville, we are pleased to introduce: Love Unique!


Amanda B. Young said...

So great to meet you all tonight! I'll look forward to seeing you and some of your designs at the bridal show and beeeeeeeeing in the booth right next to yours! (I couldn't resist!) :-)