Never Say Never!

Please forgive us for the use of all the exclamations on this post, but we are sooo excited!

WOW! We just wanted to post a quick thank you to everybody that helped us this weekend for our first photo shoot! It never would've happened without the great people that came together with the same vision and determination to see an amazing end result. It rocked!

Paul (Footstone Photography) - You are amazing! You exceeded our expectations. We really appreciate all your hard work. It was great to see how you paced when you were inspired or you had a new idea. Thank you for all your work, ideas, and patience!! You are the awesomest!

Britt (Solutions Bridal) - Stylist, dressing room assistant, hair retoucher, idea cultivator, and so much more. Thank you for everything. You really helped us in a HUGE way. You were there till the very end and had awesome ideas, a great personality and were great to talk to during down time. We owe you big time!!

Danny & Nicole - The make up geniuses!! You guys killed with the make-up. It was pretty much amazing!!!!! Nobody, and we mean NOBODY could have done it better. The looks were pulled right out of our heads and exceeded anything we could have imagined. Thank you so much!!!

Jennifer - The hair diva! We loved every single strand of hair! You rocked out those looks. Honestly, the hair was super important for this shoot, and it was WOW!!! You are hired! Thank you sooo much.

Lorena - Crazy Beautiful! You were a great model, you took direction and critique. You made each pose and look your own, thank you so much for being a part of this! Cant wait to see your face all over Gainesville you big star! Thank You!

Never Say Never
We cant wait for everybody to see pictures of all our hard work! It was an amazing experience how this came together and we hope our work speaks for itself. Kenya and I really stressed about this but when the day started and all the help arrived it was a breeze and we enjoyed every second of it! You just have to see these photos that Paul took. It is brilliant!!

Thanks so much for all the help you guys!

Giovanni & Kenya


Amanda B. Young said...

Can't wait to see them!! Will you have them at the bridal show??!

Unique Designs said...

Absolutely!!! Make sure you have registered on our website we will be giving our "fans" a sneak peek before the bridal expo!