I may have just died and gone to Couture heaven!!!

Ok...I, like most girlie girls, LOVE fashion. Especially Couture fashion! So as I was doing my daily run through on my google reader I came across a post on What Junebug Loves about wedding fashion inspiration by Versace. I could have melted! It was AMAZING! Even the sketches are fierce! These dresses are like artwork. I can't even begin to tell you. You have to see it for yourself. Did I mention these dresses are amazing?!

I mean besides the fact that they are visually STUNNING...the amount of work that had to have gone into creating these masterpieces is mind boggling! It's very contemporary, chic and edgy with vibrant colors such as acid green, lilac, pearl grey and shocking blue. I love it! There are even more on fashionologie.com. Ok, I'm gonna stop talking now so you can go see all the fabulosity for yourself.