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"Use your experiences to build character" Helen Keller

What a wonderful quote, huh? We wanted to share something inspiring and positive today because that's just how we are! Ok, maybe it's because we needed some encouraging words today and we searched the web for ourselves (selfish, we know). The magnificent creation that is Google took us directly to The Positivity Blog. Check out the blurb below on an article about Helen Keller, it's a good read.

Impossible is nothing.

“While they were saying among themselves it cannot be done, it was done.”

Yeah, the sub-heading for this tip might sound a bit like a hyperbole. But Keller and the people around her really pulled something amazing off. Becoming such an inspirational figure from such a bad starting point at that point in history couldn’t have been easy at all. It was probably something no one expected.

And isn’t life and history full of those things? People standing in groups of various kinds saying that things can’t be done. And then someone goes for it and does it anyway.

The opinions of others can be helpful. But to take them as fact could be very limiting. Perhaps all of them don’t say things because they know much of those things but because they are stuck in a pessimistic perspective. Or want to cling to the safety they have created within.

We pride ourselves on being different, risk takers, being Unique! Hellen Keller would have fit like a glove with us here at Unique Designs. She was a woman who insisted on breaking stereotypes and challenges that were put in her path. We could only imagine what invitations for such an extrordinary mind would have looked like!

Sometimes a person needs to hear encouraging words to keep keeping on, and that is exactly how we have continued to build this company. Through support from friends, family, colleagues, and some fellow business owners who believed and continue to believe. We are trully honored by the positive feedback we have received in our short time and look forward to making everybody proud(er)! For the encouraging words, and positivity we are humbled.

Thank You from the bottom of our little hearts.

Love, Unique