Truly Special

Yesterday we started our "chain blog" in support of Let's Eat Cake! Today I wanted to let you know why this amazing fundraiser that Melissa Di-Stefano is putting together is so special to me.
I personally do not know any child that has had their life directly affected by a tragic disease however, I do have a child in my life who I love more than words can express. My little brother, Kenneth, is a hyper-active 9 years old. I see him at least once every two weeks when he comes over to spend the weekend with me, and I talk to him every other day. He loves video games and hates school. He is sensitive and strong, quiet but loud, he is my baby brother! He is the reason I strive to suceed and the main reason I support Let's Eat Cake!

Kenneth and I being Goofy!

So you see, I cannot imagine what a family goes through when a child in their family is ill. I am relieved to know that there is a place where children and their health is the main concern. Now you know why I believe this fundraiser is truly special: because of one little boy!
- Giovanni