It's the thought that counts?

Finding the right wedding gift can sometimes be difficult. Lets face it, some people are just hard to shop for. I should should know, I'm one of those people! LOL 

Since one of my best friends is getting married soon, I've been on the a lot lately and I came across an article where couples listed the worst gifts ever. I've listed the best of the worst.


Warning: What you are about to read is not for the faint of heart...It's scary.

"A 3-D painting of horses" (You can never have too many of those...)

"A hand-painted lucky horseshoe"  (At least it's lucky...)

"A picture of a wine cork" (I think I would rather have the wine...)

A bottle of vinegar vegetables" (*Blank Stare*)

"A mop" (Seriously???)

"Febreze air freshener" (I assume it goes with the mop.)

"Gift card that was empty" (WOW!)

"An IOU"  

"A Bill Clinton pot holder" 

"A regifted tray (with the original card to the regifter included with the present)" (That is special!)

So the moral of the story is...think before you gift. LOL Don't end up on this list!

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Jennifer Dannemann said...

HAHA! I expect one of each of those ;) muah!