I can use that!?!

by danny
I LOVE boring invitations! Can you feel the sarcasm?
Who wants a boring invitation? When considering the design of an invitation for your event, try to think outside of the 'paper' box. You can use just about anything to create an amazing invitation. Take a look at this silver leather-feel paper.

OR...how about giving it a nice soft feel by adding some silk fabric. It could peak out from under your first layer just slightly to give a little silk ruffle.

And a super girly favoite of mine...LACE!

What would you add?


Amanda B. Young said...

I'm so with you. Unexpected elements in invitations makes things extra special for the recipient. If I were to do it over I'd love to include a little lace with my invitations!

Chatterberries said...

Yes, I agree to Amanda's comment. Including lace on the invitation, I guess it add more color.