2009 Spring Make Up Trends

Come on! Catch up!
by: danny

I know it’s barely February but the makeup trends for Spring ’09 are starting to appear. It seems the trickle down from New York runways are tossing out the heavy eyebrows and bright red lips. Put away your simple looks. Spring is preparing for larger than life lashes, flawless complexions and the soft, smokey eye.

As hard as it may be, put your intense liquid liner back in the drawer. Eye makeup for this

Spring is all about definition and a soft touch of fantasy. Christian Dior, Jill Stuart and NARS

are all releasing softer, pastel collections for the eyes. Start looking around and you’ll see that nearly every makeup line, including Vincent Longo seen here, has been promoting violet

eyeliner to create a soft, smokey eye that compliments every skin tone.

Completing the softer eye is a pair of false lashes. Shown on almost every runway at New York Fashion week, properly applies false eyelashes add an ethereal sense of fantasy to the makeup trend this spring.
For the brows, you should give it a soft and more natural look. Try letting them grow and only trimming the unruly hairs, allowing the rest to naturally sweep toward the temple.

*Photo credit:www.iswii.net, www.urcosme.com]