Pass the popcorn...

At every consultation we do, we always ask "So how did you propose?" I love hearing proposal stories. They are usually very sweet and creative. Well I found a wedding proposal that completely blew my mind when I read it online. He rented out a movie theater and invited 160 of their closest friends and family to witness it. He made sure they got there a little late so that them movie trailers started and to prevent her from noticing any one in the crowd. Well, the unsuspecting bride-to-be, noticed that one of trailers reminded her a lot of their relationship. That's because the groom-to-be created a movie trailer that was a proposal! So in the last few seconds of the trailer the big question was asked! Can you say stunned!!!! Needless to say, she said yes!!! That was a cool way to propose!

Here is the actual trailer he created. Note, the bride has a fear of planes and the "Life flashing before your eyes" scenes are true events portrayed by actors! Talk about big budget!!!

The guy at the very end is the groom!! AWWWWWW....*Tear* How sweet!

Tell us your proposal stories! Did he get down on one knee? Was it in a romantic location? Tell us what made you say yes!