Time to Man Up!

This one's for the guys. Ladies we know you should be the focus on your special day, but where would you be without that strapping young fellow next to you!? Let's face it, he is in the pictures too. Read below and forward to your favorite boy!

Grooming for your special day is extremely important. While everybody waits for the bride to make her big debut, what do they do? They stare at you! Why not give them a sexy new face to stare at, we are talking shaving, plucking, moisturizing, shellacking, drilling, stuccoing, and anything else you can think of to make your face glow (a manly glow of course). Like a beer bottle in the moonlight.

Let's not forget the ever-important haircut and if you are ready to go where some do not dare......THE MANICURE! Yes, we went there. There is nothing sexy about the splinters you got while trying to build that stand to hold your new 42 inch plasma TV. All of these minor details help make the day extra special, not only for you but for your bride-to-be. We found a great website that breaks it down for you in a "man-ish" way: www.thegroomguide.com. Read below for some of the excerpts from the article on grooming for the big day and tell us what you think. It's a rather fun read.

“Never outshine the master”.
Words to live by, especially when it comes to your wedding. Yes, the Bride-to-Be is the “master”. The Bride is the focus, center of attention, and the one everybody stares at when you’re both walking down the aisle. This is her special day, but every Queen needs a King. It’s time for a crash course in looking like you belong on that throne. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about looking your very best without looking like you spent more time then the Bride-to-Be.

Nail it down
Look at your fingers. Look carefully. How long are your nails? Do you see pieces of donut inside your fingernails? Would your nails set off store alarms? Does it look like a pair of hungry hyenas gnawed on them all night? It may be time to visit the local nail salon.
Yes, we know. It makes you look like a Nancy Boy. And the truth is, it probably will. But there is a light (a rather dim light) at the end of this tunnel. When your wife or everybody at the whole frickin wedding holds your hands, they will not be repulsed, and they certainly won’t pick up any coodies. Somebody once said that,”God is in the details”. Let those words speak for themselves. In terms of your body, this is like icing on the cake. It makes everything look a hell of a lot better. It shows everybody that you’re a man of class, and you enjoy the finer things in life...like hygiene for example. Plus, the “hand in hand” pictures will live for forever!

Visit The Groom Guide for more tips on grooming for the groom. Hope this helps.

Resource: www.thegroomguide.com