Hi...My Name is....

I think we need clear some things up. There are some rumors that need to be addressed. Ok, so they aren't rumors but they still need to be fixed.

There is some confusion out there on the name of our company. Here's a few of the alias' we "apparently" go by:
  • Dare to B Unique - Dare to B Unique is the slogan for our company and of course the web address. We chose this b/c we want to dare our customers to not just go with the ordinary and traditional. But to think outside the box and make their own rules!)
  • Unique Couture (Actually this is a new line of custom invitations we offer. Their very glam, offer Thai silk boxes, and an array of embellishments. Not that I'm bias but these babies are fierce! )
So let's recap: While we dare you to b unique and check out out new line of invitations called Unique Couture....We are Unique Designs: A custom invitation studio!